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Great PPC results don’t come from a boilerplate approach. Let our team craft the custom, profitable, no-shortcuts campaign you deserve.

We’ve been doing PPC marketing since before Google Ads existed. (Remember Overture, Netscape, and 14.4k modems? We do.) But pay-per-click isn’t stodgy, and neither are we. Paid search generates a lot of traffic. Our agency helps you get your fair share.

Whether you’re running paid search campaigns for e-commerce or lead gen, B2B or B2C, our experienced team gets you the right placements using the right messages. Here’s how we work:

  • Learn your audience: We’ll study where your buyers spend time online, what motivates them, and how search fits into their overall experience with your brand and category. If you’re already running SEM campaigns, we’ll perform a paid search audit to identify areas for accelerated growth.
  • Develop paid search strategies: From crafting the best possible account structure, to planning remarketing, to systematically testing search terms and ad copy, we’ll strategize the most cost-effective ways to exceed your goals.
  • Execute, maintain, and optimize: Why manage complex campaigns yourself when time is scarce? We’ll put Portent’s 18+ years of paid search experience to work in building, testing, and optimizing efficient, long-tail campaigns to consistently improve your PPC performance.
Hands over a keyboard working at a digital marketing agency in Seattle
619% Increased lead generation 619% in one year for a B2B IT services provider while cutting cost per acquisition by more than half
85% Grew year-over-year demo requests by 86% and decreased cost-per-lead by 40% for a workflow solutions firm

Your paid search campaigns should consider your customer’s multi-path journey to your business. That’s why our team approaches PPC as one important part of your overall Marketing Stack.

Portent takes a deep look at why your business is uniquely valuable to your customers, how they think, and how they search. Then we use PPC to serve precisely-targeted messages. The end result? Winning your buyers’ hearts and minds.

  • No harmful shortcuts, ever.
  • Tactics support exceptional customer experiences.
  • All channels work together towards clear, fearlessly measurable goals.
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Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve been delivering business-changing results for our clients for over two decades. Here are just a couple of our favorite examples.

PPC For Small Business

Small businesses need the same level of expertise as the big ones. So Portent offers agency pay-per-click marketing services for SMBs. With service levels and pricing tailored for your specific needs, our team can help you get on track. Click here to read about Portent's SMB program.

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